The Fairytale begins at Det Gamle Apotek

It would only be appropriate to begin the story of Det Gamle Apotek with a “once upon a time”, since that is how most fairytales begin. This story even started off as a Christmas fairytale. Let us go back to 1989, which is the year Erik Tygesen founded Det Gamle Apotek. The foundation was his love for old buildings and furniture, which was combined with his love for Christmas and nostalgia.

These marvellous components were the basis of the idea of an unusual store, which should be an adventure to visit. This was the dream back then, and that is how the original store presents itself to this day. The store is located on the square in Tønder, and all year round it is a gathering place for the unique magic and nostalgia that often surrounds our holidays.

It started with Christmas, which still is the dominating holiday, but today you can also find interior items and home decor, get inspiration for gift ideas and let your creativity run wild with some of our many DIY articles. It feels like a magical wonderland, when you enter the 1200 square metres consisting of no less than 46 rooms, which are all decorated from floor to ceiling in different colours and themes.

Find us in Tønder, Copenhagen and online

The first store opened in Tønder, since then we have opened our second permanent store in Copenhagen. Before opening the second store, people in the Capital region of Denmark could visit our pop up stores, which popped up every year around the city. Now the Copenhageners have a permanent store, but we still pop up with temporary stores around Denmark during fall and Christmas time. You can always keep yourself updated on the various locations, if you follow us on Facebook or Instagram, and we also have an updated overview on our website.

However, we are not limited to only physical stores and to Danish customers. From our webshop we are selling Christmas ornaments, interior items and gift articles world wide, so you do not have to travel to Denmark to experience the magical universe of Det Gamle Apotek. The products and the prices are the same – the only difference is, that online you can shop from the comfort of your own home, from the train or from where ever it suits you best.

Welcome to Det Gamle Apotek!