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We offer wholesale home decor for all-year round and seasonal Holidays

  • Large Selection of Seasonal Items

    Det Gamle Apotek A / S is one of the leading providers of seasonal items in the Nordic region. Our range extends from everything for birthdays, Halloween, Easter and in particular Christmas.

  • 5000 Products in Assortment

    One of our primary goals is to be able to be a total supplier of Christmas decor. That's why we always have 5000 products in assortment. The collection is always a mix of old classics and new designs.

  • Large Selection of Our Own Design

    We love being unique! That's why the majority of our assortment is in our own design. Every year our design team draws hundreds of new designs, so we always have new products in our selection.

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Christmas decorations

At Det Gamle Apotek, we offer a large selection of Christmas decorations. Find classic Christmas baubles or whimsical figurine baubles. You can also see our popular gnome doors and a wide range of accessories.

Decorative wholesale products

Welcome to Det Gamle Apotek A/S - your year-round supplier of decorative items for the home. Explore our wide range of homeware and interior design, which includes everything from beautiful decorations to small figurines and practical utensils for the kitchen. We offer products that will adorn any home, whether it's for celebrating the holidays or adding little ornaments around the house. At Det Gamle Apotek A/S, we are dedicated to inspire you and offer a selection of products that will impress and delight your customers. Become a retailer of our products today and explore our universe to find the perfect products for your assortment!
We hope you find something you like.
Decorative items in our own design
It’s important for us to be able to offer good and original products, which is why most of our selection is our own design. We want to be unique, which is why we have a skilled design team that comes up with new and existing collections every year. This allows us to always have inspiring products in our selection, which at any given time consists of at least 5000 item numbers. You'll find that our selection span between many product groups, so we can offer a comprehensive range for you and your customers to add a consistent look to their homes. Some of our most popular collections include Nordic Pixie and Danish Christmas, which have everything from figurines, tableware and napkins to gift wrapping and much more. You can choose everything from one collection or mix products from several collections, depending on how much you want in your assortment. You’re always welcome to contact us to learn more about our collections. Perhaps you want an overview of all of a collection’s products or product groups included in a specific collection?
Your supplier of year-round and seasonal items
We offer a wide range of homeware and interior design for all seasons and holidays. There's something magical about decorating the home for each season and celebrating the holidays. It brings renewal to your home and can bring back memories when you find a decorative item that has a special meaning behind it. It could be an item you bought with a loved one or an item you received as a gift. With our products, we want to be a part of that and contribute to the memories they might create.
One of our most popular product groups is our ceramic houses, which are available in many different designs. The houses add a warmth and coziness to the home that many people love, and they can be used both individually and placed next to each other. The houses, which can be used with tealight candles, are designed for all year round, but we also have a few houses in our range that are primarily intended for the Christmas season. Christmas has a very special meaning for us as our journey started here. That's why we at Det Gamle Apotek A/S love Christmas and everything about it. One of our goals is to be a total supplier of Christmas decorations, and we have a wide selection of Christmas baubles and ornaments, little gnomes, and figures and much more. This allows your customers to be creative when it comes to decorating for Christmas. For example, they can let their imagination run wild with gnome doors and a variety of accessories - a fun Christmas activity for the whole family. There's room for working gnomes, forest gnomes, baking gnomes and many more. Need inspiration? We love making gnome videos to show how to set up the gnome homes and how to tease the gnome as Santa comes up with new jokes every year. Want to help us create new homes for the gnomes and spread the Holiday spirit? Explore our universe now.
Become a B2B retailer
At Det Gamle Apotek A/S, you can get a login without obligation to our B2B webshop, where you can explore our categories and discover our many products. On our B2B webshop, you can see our entire selection of year-round products, Christmas decorations and other seasonal items such as Easter decorations and all things Halloween. You can choose whether you want to buy for every holiday, just a few, focus on year-round products or only Christmas items. There are no restrictions or obligations on purchases. Our selection always consists of more than 5000 active SKUs, so we're sure you'll find something that fits into your universe. Get a login to our B2B webshop to see our many options and get in the mood for the next holiday season. You can get a login to our B2B site by contacting us at or by filling out a form here. We look forward to welcoming you as customers on our B2B webshop and to inspire you with many beautiful products. Remember that you are always welcome to contact us with questions about our products etc.
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